Social proof can boost your revenue 😃

Increase sales & conversions by building credibility via live user map 👍

👉 Use Mapmojo to

How to use?

No sign-up. To install, just copy-paste one line of code to a key page.
e.g. dashboard, checkout success page etc.

<script src=""></script>

Use this URL to view your live user map.<domain>

See a live demo of our user map

It is safe

We do not collect any sensitive data from your users.
We collect only non-traceable geographical co-ordinates.

It works!

We included this in our presentation to investors. It worked well.
- Deepak Farell
We have put up the live map on a screen in our lobby. Our marketing team loves it.
- Peter Withers
Showing the user map on our landing page, delivers a strong message.
- Sam Hilton

Use it for free.
Or go pro.


  • Show upto 5000 map impressions / month.
  • Keep upto 1 month of history.
  • Keep upto 100 user counts.


  • Unlimited map impressions.
  • Unlimited data history.
  • Unlimited user counts.
  • Change color of map. Coming soon
Simply copy paste the above code to start.